Fisherman's Island State Park, Charlevoix Michigan USA
Located just a few miles south of the City of Charlevoix, Fisherman's Island State Park is not actually just an island, but a 2,678-acre park with five miles of unspoiled Lake Michigan shoreline. The park encompasses a tiny island, Fisherman's Island, currently connected to the mainland, due to low lake levels.

The Michigan State Park features a rustic campground with a few sites nestled in the dunes along the lakeshore. The park road travels through the campground to the picnic area with access to the beach and miles of hiking trails. The interior terrain consists of rolling dunes covered with maple, birch and aspen broken up by bogs of cedar and black spruce.

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Fisherman's Island State Park, Telephone: (231) 547-6641

Fisherman's Island State park is located just south of Charlevoix Michigan along the shore of Lake Michigan, in the State of Michigan USA .

Driving Directions to Fisherman's Island State Park
To reach the park's main entrance, head one and one-half miles south on US-31 from Charlevoix and turn right, (westward) on Bell Bay Road . The posted Fisherman's Island State Park Entrance is two and one-half miles from US-31.

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Camping and Day Use

Fisherman's Island State park offers 75 rustic campsites. 35 sites are located in the North Campground and 40 sites are located in the South Campground. The day use area has a mile of beach for swimming and sun bathers. The day use area is located on the North bank of Inwood Creek, which is three miles beyond the park's main entrance. Grills and tables are provided for picnics and family gatherings. Fisherman's Island State Park has several miles of foot trails suitable for hikers and nature observation. Hunting is allowed throughout the park during the regular hunting seasons, EXCEPT for a 450 foot safety zone around dwellings and the campgrounds.

Fisherman's Island State Park History

A number of unmarked historic sites including those of the woodland Indians (4000 BC) and Archaic people (1200 BC) are present at Fisherman's Island State Park . During the summer months Woodland Tribes would travel to the Chert Quarries, set up camp and make stone tools, utensils and weapons.

Fisherman's Island and the adjacent mainland became a Michigan State Park after a study began that began in 1973.
The area is still referred to as Bell 's Bay Park by locals.

above source: Michigan DNR

Fisherman's Island State Park Photos from October 2008

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FishermansIslandStatePark-mammal-tracks-1 FishermansIslandStatePark-mammal-tracks-2 FishermansIslandStatePark-wild-turkeys Rusty_Crayfish-Orconectes_rusticus Sand-reed-grass_Calamovilfa-longifolia


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